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 Twin Towns: Lucca

Lucca is in Tuscany 13 miles north of Pisa and 43 miles west of Florence, with a population of 93,000 and was twinned with Abingdon in 1972. It is our largest twin town with a long history dating back to 212 BC.

Lucca has passed through three civilisations, Roman, Medieval and Renaissance and evidence of this can still be seen today. Its street plan still follows the original Roman one. The Medieval walls and four gateways still survive, as do many palaces and mansions. The present city walls built in the 14th and 16th centuries completely encircle old Lucca and represent the Renaissance period and are a pleasant 3-mile car free cycle ride or walk.


Silk and velvet weaving and Banking formed the basis of Lucca's economy. Today Lucca is noted for wine, olive oil and tobacco and the paper industry. It is the birthplace of the composers Puccini, Boccherini and Catalani.

Lucca's numerous squares provide ideal venues for art exhibitions and concerts. Its main historical/religious festival called Luminara is held annually on 13th September as it has been for the last 1000 years.

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