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 Twin Towns: Overview


The twinning between Argentan and Abingdon is a unique twinning venture between the two towns.

The other five towns with which the ADTTS are involved are all twinned with each other. Each year the five towns, Sint-Niklaas, Schongau, Lucca, Colmar and Abingdon, hold a joint meeting to discuss their activities over the past 12 months and make plans for the following year.

When one of the towns arranges a twinning event, it is very often that you wil meet people from one or all of their other twin towns.

Some years ago ADTTS started a scheme to invite four adults from each of the twinning circle towns, who have not visited Abingdon before, to come for a long weekend. Over the years, all of the other towns have followed this idea with Lucca holding their first Adult Twinning weekend in 2004.

This is another way that members can become involved with the twin towns, by visiting one of the twin towns for a Twinning weekend or have a guest from one of the twin towns stay with them during a weekend. Details of these visits are published, with all the other future events, in the ADTTS Newsletter.

Besides Abingdon, several other towns in the Vale of White Horse have twinning associations.