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 Twin Towns: Vale of White Horse


Within the Vale of White Horse District, several other towns besides Abingdon have twinning associations:

Drayton is twinned with Lesparre (France) near Bordeaux.
Contact Stephen Fearnley on 01235 531347 or Bob Matthews on 01235 531204.

Faringdon is twinned with Le Mêle-sur-Sarthe (France) 45km SE of Argentan in Normandy.
Contact David Williamson on 01367 240033 or Megan Brown on 01367 244513.
See the Faringdon Le Mele Twinnies Facebook group for youth exchange.

East and West Hendred are twinned with Sarceaux (France) just outside Argentan in Normandy.
Contact Margaret Sharp on 01235 833367.

Shrivenham is twinned with Mortrée (France) 15km SE of Argentan in Normandy.

Stanford in the Vale was twinned with St Germain du Corbeis (France) 44km S of Argentan in Normandy.
Contact John Cave on 01367 718052 or Chris Lewis on 01367 710733 about the continuing social group.

Uffington was twinned with Le Chevain (France) 45km S of Argentan in Normandy.
However, the local twinning group has closed down.

Wantage and Grove are twinned with Mably (France) near Lyon and Seesen (Germany) in Lower Saxony.
Contact Greta Thornbury on 01235 770156.

See a map of the 13 twin towns.

Representatives of the Vale twinning associations meet regularly at the White Horse Twinning Forum.

In neighbouring South Oxfordshire...

Didcot is twinned with Meylan (France) east of Grenoble and with Planegg (Germany) west of Munich in Bavaria.
Contact Geoff Oldham.